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My Top 6 Shopping Tip for a Successful Black Friday 2016

By margaretdoyle, Nov 14 2016 10:00AM

Black Friday on November 25th is every true shopper and bargain hunters dream. Savvy sales hounds will already have pre selected and identified exactly what items they want, where to get them and if they are doing it all on-line, they will have their promo codes at the ready!

So what should you do to avail of the Black Friday bargains and avoid a Black Friday Headache?

1. Make a Plan

The most important part of Black Friday preparationsshould take place the days leading up to Black Friday so that you know exactly what you want to purchase and where the best discount is. This will help you avoid aimless wandering and being sucked into buying items you really didn't want.

2. Start your Shopping Early

Well the early bird does catch the worm so it might be advisable to get into the shops early morning to avoid the madding crowds. If you prefer to avoid the crowds altogher, getting on-line early is also a must, and definitely before the 9am rush! 60% of orders are expected to be made from mobile devices this year, so there is no excuse for missing out! Create your Account the day before if you are shopping on-line or you might be delayed at checkout.

3. Set your Budget

With Discount, Sale and other enticing signs luring you in to buy, it is easy to get carried away because an item is "only........". But all those "onlys..." can add up to a budget busting amount quite quickly if you are not careful, so before you step outside this Black Friday, don't forget to set your Budget and stick to it!!!

4. Ask about the Refund policy before buying

Normally sales items are non refundable, so do check out what happens if you have buyer remorse after your purchase and what comeback will you have if any?

5. Bring a Friend

Also known as divide and conquer, two of you can cover more shops and maybe share 3 for 2 deals which you might not really want if you were on your own. It also means you have a friend to enjoy that well deserved cup of coffee with at the end of a fruitful day.

6. Keep Calm

With all the crowds and long queues, it is easy to get irritable and frustrated. Remember, you are there to bag a bargain, save some money and most importantly buy important gifts for the people you love. So please be kind to your fellow shoppers, we are all there for the same reason and if we all take our time, we will all get there in the end!

The Style Icon team are looking forward to spending our Black Friday at the Showgrounds Shopping Centre, Clonmel and we can't wait to meet all the eager shoppers!

Happy Shopping Style Icons.

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