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Wardrobe Workout

Our mission here is simple:   to stop you wasting money on clothes that don't flatter your silhouette or colouring,  don't suit your lifestyle and don't work with anything else in your wardrobe!  In the comfort of your own home we will help you discover your own unique body shape (no one fits that neatly into a meer 4 body shapes!), weed out those fashion faux pas that will never work and show you how to look fabulous and flatter your silhouette no matter what the occasion.   You will discover new outfit ideas, colour combinations and what addtions you really must make to your capsule wardrobe, with your own personalised Shopping Planner.   And to help your remember all the tips after our visit, we email you your personalised Style Icon Inspirational Board full of the new style and colour ideas we discussed, and a few more, as well as the photos of the new combinations we discussed already sitting in your own wardrobe!    

Price:   €120    


Style N' Shop  

A true Style Icon never impulse shops and always has a plan!    By understanding what flatters your silhouette, colouring and how your lifestyle impacts on your choices, can you plan a Capsule Wardrobe, unique to you!  Our Style N' Shop consultation starts with a mini Wardrobe Workout complete with all the essential style tips, and we uncover the must have additions to create your Unique Capsule Wardrobe.     Armed with this, it's off to the shops we go to try out all those new colours and styles that will make you feel fabulous and confident no matter what your lifestyle or budget.   The result you will go home as your own Style Icon, with all the right clothes that  will match what is already in your wardrobe and which you will love wearing again and again.

Price: €160  


Colour Analysis 

Your colours are NOT determined by hair or eye colour and wearing fake tan does not help you wear a colour that is not flattering for your skin tone. These are just some of the myths that we dispel during this  2 hour consultation you will learn what colours of clothes, hair and makeup will give you a natural youthful glow so you will look fantastic even without makeup!    You will receive your personalised colour card so you never have to guess if a colour is right or wrong for you again. Colour has a huge affect on our mood, how other's perceive us and it can even add or hide weight!    The right colour enhances your face, makes skin appear brighter, eyes sparkle and even blemishes and wrinkles seem less obvious so Colour Analysis is like an instant face lift.

Price: €160




"I like to keep my money where I can see it, in my Wardrobe!" Carrie Bradshaw.

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