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Too Little or Too Much Style?

By margaretdoyle, Oct 22 2017 06:30PM

I came across a very thought provoking article in a Pyschology magazine this week, which shook my style bones to the core! The author of the article discussed the daily mental trauma she goes through each morning when she opens her wardrobe and finds nothing to wear. Inspired by an article she read, she made the radical decision to reduce her wardrobe to not just a capsule wardrobe, but to create her own uniform of a white shirt and black trousers for every day! This, she told us, saved her 20 mintues of torture each morning and now that she had time to actually prepare and eat a healthy breakfast, enabled her power to work with new found confidence.

As a lover of style, the idea of wearing essentially the same thing every day filled me with horror. Even with my own individual pieces, I try not to wear them exactly the same way each time I wear them, so that way I never get bored! Interestingly, as the experiment continued, the author did find she bored of her ultra minimalistic uniform and soon longed to wear other colours. This did not suprise me as the colours we choose to wear reflect not only our personality but also how we are feeling on a particular day. Days that I am really busy, I love to wear red as this helps give me more energy, but on my down time, I love to wear green which helps me relax.

There are lessons to learn from her experiment:

1. Too little in your wardrobe, or too much of the same thing, while time saving, will quickly lead to boredom and leave you feeling in a style rut and just not yourself.

2. Too much in your wardrobe will hinder your ability to even know what is in your wardrobe and certainly does not lend itself to quick style choices each day. I saw this with one lovely client who had a wardrobe overflowing across two different floors, but everything else in her house and life was minimalistic. Once we identified this was why she was overwhelmed by too much choice and made a capsule wardobe with enough variety and colour she found herself feeling at ease with her style again.

Style Icon Tip: The key to success is "balance". Create a capsule wardrobe with at least 5 different colours that will mix and match. With the Style Icon Wardrobe Workout we can show you how to use my 1:5 rule and make at least 5 different outfits from every item in your wardrobe. Rise to this challenge and you will never have an overflowing wardrobe and still have nothing to wear again!

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