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What to "Underwear" this party Season

By margaretdoyle, Nov 12 2017 08:40PM

Getting ready for the party season is all part of the fun of the Christmas season. If you are a busy working mum like me, its one of the few nights I get to dress up (without it being work related that is) and let my hair down. The most important tip that I can give you when choosing your perfect style: "You must get the underwear right!"

We see so many client's nearly leave the perfect dress or look behind because they were wearing the wrong underwear on the day they went shopping. In my very glamorous job, I have yanked more underwear and bras into the right place and even had to get the client to remove them just so they could see how the dress will look with the right underwear.

Style Icon Tips for the perfect underwear this party season:

1. Definitely invest in a Bridget Jones Style Full Brief No VPL Underwear

A full brief that comes up as high as your own natural waistline ensures your figure hugging dress shows off your curves and not your underwear. Low slung hipsters will create a unslightly line in the wrong place that even the best shapewear won't hide. They may not be pretty but they do work wonders and you may not need any more help than this. I personally like the M&S Microfibre no VPL High Rise Full Brief which helps to cover unslightly dimpled skin too.

2. Wear a correct fitting Bra

So many ladies are still wearing the wrong size bra it is frightening and dangerous. Dresses and tops are designed for the bust to sit up and out and half way between the shoulder and elbow. The right fitting bra will ensure that is where you sit and create an excellent waistline you had forgotten you possessed. If you hold most of your fullness to the side, then a half cup is perfect. If you are fuller to the front then a full cup is a must. Remember, it's the band that supports your bust not the straps, so if your band is too loose, your bust will point towards the floor. With over 15 years measuring bras we found most ladies are at least one band size to large and one to two band sizes too small. Consider the average bra size is 34D (journal of female health sciences) and you are nearly guaranteed to be one of the 90% plus ladies in the wrong size.

3. Bare Legs Versus Tights

Well this is a question of confidence really. I personally don't love my legs and opt for a natural toned 10 denier Marie Claire style with control top to give my legs an airbrushed appearance, hiding any unslightly blemishes and bumps. If you are self concious of promonent veins then Falke 30 denier energizer black tights worn with black heels will give you coverage and support.

4. Bring the Right Underwear Shopping

Finally, and most importantly don't forget to bring the right underwear with you when shopping for your perfect party look and make sure you avoid "what if everyone can see my undewear lines?"

Even the most expensive clothes won't hide the wrong underwear !
Even the most expensive clothes won't hide the wrong underwear !
No VPL Micorfibre High Rise Full Brief, Marks and Spencer (pack of 5) €16
No VPL Micorfibre High Rise Full Brief, Marks and Spencer (pack of 5) €16
Falke Energizer Tights availlable at Clinton's Of Clonmel
Falke Energizer Tights availlable at Clinton's Of Clonmel
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