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By margaretdoyle, May 23 2020 05:37PM

Those of us mature enough to remember the power dressing era of the 1980/90s, will remember the dramatic shoulder pads, the tailored suits and the overall business image designed to impart of the image of a powerful woman in business. While does days are long gone and the office place has become more a reflection of the local gym, what lessons can we take from these polar opposite approaches to office/ business dress?

Scientific evidence tells us that "Enclothed Cognition" is the term coined by Hajo Adam and Adam D. Galinsky (Journal of Experimental Social Psychology. ) in their 2012 experiment relating to the effect which clothes have upon a persons mental process, the way they think, feel and function, in areas like attention, confidence and abstract thinking. While Joe Oinsker in his article in The Atlantic, determined that formal clothing helps one feel authoritative and powerful. Let's think about this for a moment? When you go for an interview, would you feel more confident wearing your jeans and a top or in a smart suit? If you had to speak infront of a group of 20 or more adults, would you feel more confident in a tracksuit or your favourite smart casual or formal outfit? For me personally, when I have to compere a large fashion event, I definitelyt feel more confident doing so once I have my hair, makeup and a favourite outfit on.

With so many of us now "working from home", are our clothing choices imapcting on our ability to be as productive and indeed successful as we would be if we were in the office? In Benfit or Burden? Dress Down Days, CPA Journal we discovered casual clothes can boost openess and agreeableness, but does it make you a good negotiator?

Are you rolling out of bed into the nearest tracksuit and onto your laptop, or are you still getting "dressed for the office". Have you noticed a difference in your productivitiy? Is it harder to switch your brain from work to home, and if you are like me it is work to home, home to schooling and back to work again. Is your clothing choice actually have a impact on your productivity? Maybe it is time we all got back to the '20s version of power dressing and see does it imapct on your work and WFM work/ life balance!