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Shopping with your own Personal Stylist, is like shopping with a best friend, only it will save you time, money and mistakes!   What is different to being with your best friend?   As a trained professional I had to learn to leave my own personal taste, style and colour preferences to one side and focus on you and your best styles, colours and what will work best for your lifestyle, budget and personality.


Whether shopping for a Total New Image, a Special Occasion or for a Season Shop, as your Personal Stylist I will guide you to the styles that suit your budget, body shape, colouring and lifestyle.     You will learn to shop with confidence, and understand how to incorporate your new purchases into your existing wardrobe creating even more looks.


Afterwards, I will also provide you with your own Style Icon Inspirational Board to remind you of the tips and outfit combinations from the day.


If the only thing you need is a Perfect Fitting Bra we will ensure that you learn how to find the right fit.  Over 95% of ladies we meet are wearing a band size too big and two cup sizes too small and this means the outer clothing don't sit right no matter how expensive they are.  This shop normally takes 30 minutes to one hour.


As your new shopping bestie, my mission is to ensure you love what you buy, you will wear what you buy and every items makes you feel "wow" and the best version of you!  






"Being a smart shopper is the first step to getting richer!" 

Marc Cuban